The Necromancer is a man who's trade and interests revolve around Necromancy (Death magic), He appears in the first book to be a resident of Wucheng, but then becomes one of Emperor Liu Che's scientists who search for the elixir of life under commision of Liu Che.

The Necromancer has shown that he is proficient in both qi usage, (such as shape-changing in which he has taken forms of both an orange cat who travelled with Jiang Bing, the treacherous boat woman, and an orange snake who is often present when things go wrong for Ping) And forms of necromancy (which include the time when he summoned sentry spirits in Wucheng to warn him of Ping and Danzi's exit)

He has little or no morals, and has no scruples about murdering the 'Official' dragonkeeper' Dong Fang Suo for his liver. He often performs gruesome rituals such as animal or human sacrifice.