Long Kai Duan is a dragon. He was the son of Long Danzi the old dragon who fled to the Island of Blest. He is one of the last remaining dragons that live.

Early life - Book 1Edit

Long Kai Duan first appeared as a hatchling from an purple, milky egg in Dragon Keeper. He was first raised by Ping on the slopes of Tai Shan, the sacred mountain. Later they went to Chang'an, where they met the Emperor once again.

At Chang'an - Book 2 Edit

When staying at the Ming Yang Lodge, Kai became good friends with many people including the Emperor and the slaves and assistants. He had lots of different names there for the people around him. There also Ping and the Emperor became friends with her, and Ping met many others.

Also, the Emperor became obsessed with eternality and he realized that dragon scales could help him with that. He hired the necromancer and tried to kill Kai. But Kai and Ping escaped to an unknown place.

Dragon Plateau - Book 3 Edit

In the 3rd book, Kai and Ping go to the mountains to find a secret dragon haven, for Kai to grow up in. There they met Jun, another friend of them who came and helped them. In the end they managed and Kai stayed there for a long time until he went in search for his destined Dragon Keeper.