Jiang bing is a boatwoman whom Ping charters to travel to the ocean, since Danzi is too weak to continue on foot. A friendship seems to grow between them in the journey.

Upon arrival at Wucheng, Jiang Bing's masquerade crumbles when Ping & Danzi escape from the Necromancer at Wucheng, only to find out to late, that the ginger cat who was travelling with them is in fact the Necromancer himself in the guise of the ginger cat. Jiang Bing reveals her loyalties as a minion of the Necromancer. Ping, in a desperate bid to protect the Dragon Stone, jumps into the rive. Jiang Bing follows her in order to capture her under her masters orders.

Jiang Bing perishes beneath the surface after being struck by Ping. Ping escapes.