When all the flowers bloomed Edit

When all the flowers bloomed

Along side flowing streams

You had found my happy place

With all of my wishes and dreams

Green mountains towered high

Fulled of beauty beyond belief

The sound of the dizi captured your heart

And your calling inside you ringed

Your feet walked without you trying

The mountain became so close

The dizi became louder

The foot of a mountain you had approached

The sky turned blue

Yet wind ripped through your hair

The sound of the dizi flute

Was everywhere in the air

Something woke inside of you

A dragon in your heart

Gonging sounds seemed to light

The heaviness and the dark

You lose yourself to the music

Your wings lengthen wide

Yet all that is going through your head

Is a sense of happiness and pride

The world is a beautiful place

You think as you soar through the sky

You see the beauty below you

But all I can think is why

Why did the world have to become

A corrupt and horrible place

With no more dizi in our hearts

And no more dreams we can taste

Where have the dragons gone

We need them to save us who are torn

And let them fly us to the mountains

Where beauty and peace were first born

- Abigail Chessum, New Zealand

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