The Dragon Keeper series is a series of books about a Chinese dragon and his Keepers, namely Ping. It consists of 4 books, Dragon Keeper, Garden of the Purple Dragon, Dragon Moon, and Dragon Dawn. They were written by Carole Wilkinson, and published between 2003 and 2009.


Dragon Keeper Edit

In this, the first book of the series, the slave Ping frees the dragon Danzi form the horrible Huangling, and travels with him to Ocean, making friends, being kidnapped, making unexpected stops, and being betrayed numerous times by many people. This is the only book which features both Ping and Danzi together together. She also meets the young Emperor who gives her they seal and role of Dragon Keeper

Garden of the Purple Dragon Edit

In this book, Ping is raising Danzi son, Kai on a distant mountain in Chang'an China. They eventually travel to the Emperor's summer home, Ming Yang Lodge where she and the Emperor become friends again. This book shows the value of friendship, and loyalty.

Dragon Moon Edit

In this book, Ping and Kai search for the legendary Dragon Plateau, encountering old friends on the way. Kai and Ping take a long journey and meet Jun. This story of hope and inspiration is sure to have readers begging for more.

Blood Brothers Edit

Kai, all on his on realises he has to find his destined Dragon Keeper to look after him. He meets a monk who thinks he is not destined to be his future dragon keeper to Kai.

Dragon Dawn Edit

This prequel to Dragon Keeper is the story of Danzi as he searches for a new Dragon Keeper, and meets startling new friends. Set in a time before Danzi was captured and put into Huangling Mountain, this story is a wonderful experience of courage and a little honor.